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Professional and successful Search Engine Optimisation is a multi-disciplined process. To some, Search Engine Optimisation is an indefinable balance of science and art, technology and craft. SEO is often regarded as something of a ‘black art’, a marketing alchemy. Search Engine Optimisation involves an almost intuitive combination of copywriting, web design, web development, marketing, advertising and analysis in order to provide the most effective Search Engine Optimisation. The blend and proportion of each SEO skill depends upon the experience and expertise of the Search Engine Optimisation marketer.

At Designer Team, we pride ourselves on our results of our websites being at the top end for keyword searches and we can see our websites on the first page consistently through our techniques of optimisation.

website optimizationSearch Engine Optimisation has implications across the board for any organisation and should be approached holistically in order to achieve the best possible SEO. Successful Search Engine Optimisation addresses the systemic inclusion of website design, development, content, technology, management; usually with input from sales, marketing, design and technicians. Search Engine Optimisation is both complex and challenging to implement, making SEO something of a specialist field.


Truly natural or ‘organic’ search engine optimisation not only improves your site ranking, SEO also benefits your overall Internet Marketing campaign. Your site value will be increased, improved HTML code will increase usability, content will teach visitors more about your products or services and increased link popularity will increase the site legitimacy – a virtuous SEO circle that we’d be delighted to discuss with and implement for you.